RBI Bans Dollar Rupee Trading No more Trading in Currency

Finally some good move from Reserve Bank of India to impose a ban on the currency trading in Futures and Options segment. Day after day rupee value is declining against dollar and it has even crossed 61. Now there comes the order from RBI not to entertain any fresh trades in this segment. But RBI […]

Amibroker AFL for 14 Oversold & Overbought indicators with Support & Resistances

To get IEOD Data into Amibroker visit the link below: We come across several indicators that show Oversold and Overbought zone for the stocks. Every time we need to navigate between various tabs in Amibroker to monitor all these indicators for a given stock or Index. So, is it possible to combine and customize […]

Amibroker AFL to find 52-week High and Low of stocks – Scanner & Explorer

To get IEOD Data into Amibroker visit the link below:   Here is the Amibroker AFL to find the stocks that hit 52-week High and low on the given date. AFL can be used both to scan the stocks and also to explore them. It is a simple AFL which takes only the trading […]

How to get free IEOD or Intraday End of day data of NSE stocks into Amibroker?

Visit the following link to get IEOD Data into Amibroker:   Herewith I present one of the easiest ways to get IEOD data for NSE stocks into Amibroker. IEOD data is quite useful for the intraday players that helps to analysz stocks with different time-frames 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, day, week, […]

What is Term Insurance? Why Term Insurance Is Better Than Endowment Policies?

Many people lack knowledge about term insurance. There is no wonder if I say that many do not even know that there is one such insurance exists. In this article I also let you know how insurance companies cheat us with endowment policies.   Term Insurance is also called as pure insurance that covers the […]

Positive US Numbers Boost Dollar

A drop in the US unemployment rate to 7 percent — the lowest in five years — brought mixed results to the currency market, with the US dollar gaining against the yen and the British pound but losing ground against other major currencies. The rate of US job creation is accelerating, with a 203,000-job gain […]